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Safe Rooms
An ICF Safe Room provides protection from winds as high as 250 mph. These safe rooms are created by building any room (such as the master bedroom closet) with ICF walls, pouring a concrete "lid" on top, and installing a steel door. Not only does it keep your family safe, a closet Safe Room is a fire-resistant storage area for your valuables and heirlooms.

Add valuable square footage to your existing home. For example, if you add a 6x9 Safe Room to your home and it is worth $80 a square foot, you have added $4320 worth of value.

Three Great Safe Room Options:
  • Design a Safe Room into your New Home Plans

  • Retro-fit Your Existing Home

  • Build a Stand-Alone Above-Ground Shelter

ICF Safe Rooms are:
  • Built to FEMA Design Specifications

  • Reinforced concrete Wall and Roof

  • In-House Convenience

  • Safety for Your Entire Family

  • 14-gauge Steel Door & Jamb with Three Deadbolts

  • Safely Protect Your Valuable Belongings

Build Block Form-A-Drain Polyguard Tamko V Buck

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