ICF Codes
Code Approvals
BuildBlock insulating concrete forms have been thoroughly tested by Intertek and the National Research Council of Canada and have received Evaluation Reports from ICC-ES and CCMC stating they are code compliant in the U.S. and Canada.

Find it in the IRC!
The International Residential Code has adopted the Prescriptive Code regarding ICFs and addresses them in detail. Please direct your local code official to the following sections:
IRC 2006:
Sections 404.4 through 404.4.11: ICF Foundation Walls
Sections 611 through 611.9: ICF Wall Construction

IRC 2003:
Sections 404.4 through 404.4.11: ICF Foundation Walls
Sections 611 through 611.9: ICF Wall Construction

For copyright purposes, we cannot provide the IRC pages here. However, because they are the same as the Prescriptive Code, please download the Prescriptive Code by clicking on the link below.

Prescriptive Method for Insulating Concrete Forms in Residential Construction, Second Edition (January 2002, 214 p.)
The code-approved installation method of ICFs and engineering tables is a free download from the HUD website.

EPS Compliance Document(PDF 1MB)
This document includes specific information from Underwriters Laboratories “smoke developed” and “flame spread” tests for the expandable polystyrene used in BuildBlock ICF’s. Also included is the ICC-ES and ICBO expandable polystyrene reports indicating full compliance with the UBC, IBC and IRC building codes.

Below-grade Use of ICFs in Termite Infested States
According to the ICFA, the International Residential Code has provisions in the IRC to allow for foam to be used below-grade. The IRC stipulates in addition to chemical soil treatment, foam can be used below-grade on the exterior of the wall if one of the following requirements is met:

  • All interior partition walls and roof trusses are built of a non-conbustible material such as steel studs or pressure treated lumber.
  • An approved method for protecting the foam plastic and structure is used.

Polyguard Underseal™ XT Waterproofing Membranes has an evaluation report that shows they are an approved method for protecting foam from termites below-grade. Click here to visit the Polyguard website for details.

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