Commercial Construction
Central Avenue VillasEngineers, Architects and Contractors appreciate the structural integrity, reduced construction time, and code compliance that are found working with the BuildBlock building system. Commercial buildings go up quicker so business can start sooner.

Comparing BuildBlock Commercial Structures to Traditional Construction Methods:
  • Dramatic savings in energy consumption and costs (economical and ecologically friendly).

  • One-Wall System meets or exceeds fire and sound barrier regulations, and eliminates the need to furr out walls.

  • Light-weight forms reduce manhours, risk of injury, and shorten project schedule.

  • Tornado, hurricane and earthquake resistant.

  • Creates more comfortable and quiet working environment through stable temperatures and reduced outside air and noise infiltration.

BuildBlock ICF's are great for:
Multi-Family dwellings, Retail, Municiple, Offices, Medical, Community Storm Shelters, Schools, Churches, Hospitality, and Warehouses.

Build Block Form-A-Drain Polyguard Tamko V Buck

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